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    Thrift Pinstriped Suits For The Win

    “Reinvent new combinations of what you already own. Improvise. Become more creative. Not because you have to, but because you want to. Evolution is the secret for the next step.” Karl Lagerfeld . I couldn’t say it better than in styling my thrift pinstriped suit .

    “Hello lovely people, trust you have been well .It always feels exciting roaming in this space thanks to each of you who spares a few minutes to read my work. The last two posts  here( , )have seen me explore suits .Our post today will see me look at our final number in this series, a thrift pinstriped suit.

    It will surprise you how cheap it costs for me to look this expensive .Thanks to second hand clothes. When I thought about this series, I wanted to cater to all individuals at all levels financially. Some people feel having a suit custom tailored is very expensive and not reasonable in the current hard economy times. In this regard I wanted to address that dilemma. You don’t need a million bucks to look exquisite. Surprise! This is a thrift pinstriped suit, oh yes “mtumba” it is.

    Second hand clothes come in handy when you are on a strained budget, especially now that the economy is so hard on us. Plus no one can tell whether you are donning a ksh. 10, 000 (100 $) suit, or one that goes for ksh. 500 (5$) yes you heard me right. My thrift pinstriped suit cost me only 500 bob very unbelievable. I purchased the Coat for three hundred Bob and the pants for two hundred Bob from Gikomba Market.

    Thrifting is always a very exciting experience; because you get extremely unique pieces for a steal .When you decide to thrift for suits you need to be very cautious. The first thing you need to consider is the fabric of the suit. Ensure that the texture of the fabric for both the pants and coat is matching and of similar quality. If the pieces have some sort of patterns or design, ensure they are identical or closely match like seen with my thrift pinstriped suit.

    Also the color should closely match to give it a polished and classy feel. The funny coincidence about this thrift pinstriped suit is that both pieces were bought at different days. I have had the coat for over a year, and then eventually I bumped into the pants on a different thrift experience.

    I styled the thrift pinstriped suit with a red stretchy body suit, also a thrift .And my red heels also a steal thrift bargain for five hundred Bob .My total budget for this look is exactly ksh. 1200 (12$) .Whoever said you need a lot of money to dress exquisite, I’m here to prove you wrong .This is a perfect corporate style you can embrace for a normal working day or even when you have an interview. Till the next post, pen down for now .Much Love and thank you for stopping by .


    Photography : Mungarish  0703349829

    Suit : Thrift Gikomba

    Blouse : Thrift Gikomba

    Shoes : Thrift Toy Market

    Hair : Makeup Cloud Kenya