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    Power Suits-Suited Up like a Boss

    “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” — Coco Chanel . Suits will always give that impeccable impression .

    Hello Fam, Happy Twenty Twenty . It feels great to be back in this space, after the very long break. How have you been? Are you fired up for the New Year? I hope to connect with you even more.
    Let’s indulge in some Boss Babe Vibes .I don’t know about you, but Whenever I see a woman in a suit, the first thing that comes into my mind is that she is a strong woman, an independent woman, a no nonsense woman, someone who’s in charge of her life, someone who has her life put together .

    When you are considering power dressing ,may be to the office, for an interview, a meeting, a suit should be your first option .Suits just have a way of making women and men feel so effortlessly powerful, classy and elegant .
    Season to season, suits have never been out of trend. In fact over the years the designs have evolved and improved to cater for the sophisticated, modern woman, giving her a polished chic look. They come in different colors, and the brighter they are, the more fun and exciting they get.

    Look at this particular Dark green one. If you are keen into details and color, this shade of green is called the Sacramento green. I got this suit tailor made by House of Gbemi .I admit I was totally sold and impressed when I saw their pieces online. I had to get one immediately. What I love is how flawless their work is .They only took my measurements once, and upon picking the suits, they were just perfect .I was completely blown by their professionalism and perfection .If you have dealt with unprofessional tailors (designers), then you get the drill of what I’m talking about.(Check them out on Instagram @houseofgbemi) .




    I styled it together with the mint blouse and animal print shoes from Backyard Shoes. The blend was just perfect.
    I have a couple of suits to write about, so watch out for the next post. Till then, a great time ahead.

    Photography : Mungarish  0703349829

    Suit : House of gbemi 0701412859

    Blouse : Vayo’s Collection o726872188

    Shoes : Backyard shoes .

    Hair : Makeup Cloud Kenya

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