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Pregnancy Work Wear .

Pregnancy Series 1
Hello guys, how is the going . I believe this cold is operating in collaboration with its forefathers because it’s extremely freezing Yooo! I did this photo-shoot while pregnant and I’ve been so indecisive on whether to work on a post on it or not.
My pregnancy journey was one full of all kinds of moods and emotions. A photo-shoot was the last thing in my mind .Everything I loved or passionate about turned out to be the thing I dreaded most. I resented social gatherings, dressing up, in fact anything that that would have previously set my heart on fire became a burden.
I remember my friends encouraging me to take this as an opportunity to go for photo-shoots and create content in regards to pregnancy, but I couldn’t put my mind, body and soul to do it. I lost vigor, and enthusiast, in what previously before pregnancy would have seemed so effortless for me.This particular week I was so down,my husband tried to cheer me up and booked the shoot for me. Guys this was the longest day of my life . To cut the story short, I managed the one and only photo-shoot during that period.
On this ensemble, I wanted to pull a formal look. Stretchy pants or leggings are essential for any pregnant lady. If there is a particular charge for a repeat offender, then I would have pleaded guilty for abusing these white pants .I pulled them out any day. During my doctors’ appointments, a lunch dates with my girlfriends, to work, and even on Sundays to Church.They were so comfortable especially because they are tailored with a thick waist band that allowed room for expansion effortlessly.
I actually wore them throughout the nine months.
For my Polka dotted top…..Guys this is actually a shift dress that turned into a top during my pregnancy .I think I should style it soon for you to see what I mean. So actually that’s a hack, come to think about it. Turning oversized dresses into maternity Tops….Ha!
Vest Coats are my number one go to pieces, pregnant or not. I have previously featured vest coats on past blogs. The beauty about vest coats is that they come in handy as cover-ups too, making you look stylish and edgy while pregnant.
I found this particular look ideal for work .White color in psychology of colors symbolizes Peace, innocence, purity and it represents a new beginning. It also boasts a sense of sophistication and cleanliness. To me the choice of color was symbolic during that season and also great choice for work too.Let’s wait and see what the next post in this series entails. Blessed week my dear readers . Please keep warm.
Photography : GlaubenPhotography
Outfit : Vio’s Closet.

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It’s a Leggings Affair.

Forget wearing Leggings to the gym or even for yoga, I have discovered if you master the art of styling this apparel, you can create more versatile stylish looks. There is this perception that they are indecent, I strongly oppose it. It all depends on getting/selecting the perfect one that fits perfectly, and also knowing how to style it.
When it comes to selecting the proper most flattering leggings, there are a number of things you must consider.
The material should be heavy .The reason for this is to avoid see through situations. We are not in the business of advertising our goodies or underwear’s to the world .A heavy legging will ensure you are decently covered concealing everything that should be concealed .It’s disgusting and disturbing watching ladies confidently walking in the streets with very light see through leggings .A proper heavy legging will save you such embarrassment.
2.The Print and Patterns
The print and patterns in leggings should be minimal and subtle. Fashion for sure has no rules but there are trends that are a complete turn off. I cringe when I come across a lady wearing leggings with dramatic animal prints, distracting floral prints, very huge hounds-tooth Pattern….No ladies No !. It’s a distraction and you kind of look ratchet…. sorry. Go for calm, patterns for a more sophisticated look.
A legging that is capable of stretching more, definitely fits even better. Because of the nature of leggings, they tend to highlight every curve and every flaw. If it stretches more, the flaws will be concealed .Get one that stretches just perfectly to conceal the unwanted flaws, and highlight curves accordingly. The beauty about leggings is that they are perfect for both Petite and plus size ladies .
If you have never owned a pair of leggings for starters, I would recommend you first try leggings in dark colors. These ranges from black, navy-blue and dark brown. These colors are easier to style and can be paired with a variety of colored tops.
After getting the perfect Legging, Style it with a long or short top, depending with how comfortable you are .In my case even on events I have a short top, I always wear a cover-up or blazer .This makes me more comfortable .Complete the look with any shoe of choice and hit the road. See you next week Guys.

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A Polka Dot Affair

There are trends that never go out of fashion. The polka dot trend is one of those trends that keeps coming back over and over. I can bet a million dollar that in every ladies closet, you cannot lack an item that is polka dot. It could be a dress, shirt/blouse, jumpsuit, or even pants. If you have no polka dot apparel, I hope by the end of this post, I will have inspired you to get at least one item.
Wanjiru-Kariuki-Jumpsuit 6
It is a wardrobe staple that requires little to no effort while styling it because it stands out anyway. Depending on the event or occasion, polka dotted apparels can be dressed up or down accordingly .It adds fun and playfulness to any look.
DSC_0129 edited
You can embrace this trend to work but you have to be careful on how you style it .You don’t want a situation where you look like Minnie mouse at work. A Work polka dot ensemble should be minimal, and probably consider dark solid colors while styling it for a good balance. Alternatively if you feel it’s a strong style to work you can always opt to have accessories that are polka dot. E.g. scarfs, shoes or even a bag.
DSC_9691 (1)
On the other hand, it can be paired with bright colored items to add more edge .If you prefer a more chic ensemble, don’t hesitate to pair it with other prints and patterns. E.g., Polka dot top paired with a striped pant.
I love this polka dot tiered skirt which is actually a high-low. Too much sauce in one piece ahaaa!It’s clear I had church in mind while styling it .I chose an all-black ensemble, paired with a burgundy pair of heels and a nude bag to complete the entire look.
I feel if I wanted a more casual or dressed down look, I would have paired the skirt with a white T-shirt or crop top, and a pair of sneakers. There are numerous ways of styling this gem. You only need to figure what works for you and your style. That said, I hope to see you color the town with more Polka. Great week ahead.
DSC_0096 edited
Wanjiru-Kariuki-Jumpsuit 2

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Vest Coats For The Win

“You can have anything in life if you dress for it”. Edith head.
Classy and elegant is an understatement when it comes to describing this particular piece that can transform a basic look to a stylish experience. When building a stylish and functional wardrobe, a vest coat should be one of the items not to be ignored.
DSC_3768 (1)
A vest coat can come in different forms, designs, style, and color. A basic black one would be ideal if you are looking to get one that can be paired with almost anything.
If you don’t fear breaking rules when it comes to color code selection, then you can choose a daring bold color like the turquoise blue,or even purple as seen on the pictures. I always prefer my vest coats long. This makes it easy on days I choose to wear short dresses and skirts because it doubles as a cover-up.
A vest Coat has numerous styling options. You can layer it on top of sweaters and dresses during the cold seasons .You can pair it with a skirt to the office, pants, and even shorts. Some long Vest Coats are tailored with buttons giving you another styling option… Yes ladies, you can style them as a dresses, how exciting does that sound.
I hope to showcase different ways of exploring and styling this master Piece in future. Till the next post…
DSC_3798 (1)

Photography : Prime Photography

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Roll up Your Sleeves……She is back!

Where did she go to? Did she quit? Is she okay? These are probably most of the asked questions in my inbox and in your minds in the last two years…..Yes it’s been almost two years.
I took a break. I needed to rest, focus on nurturing a soul that was growing inside of me at the time. Perhaps I should have informed my followers, but I choose to walk this journey with my family and a few close friends .Pregnancies can be complicated, what mattered most was the life of my son, I had to sacrifice my work for him.
I appreciate everyone who tried to reach out to me in one way or the other .I really felt the love and support.Good news is I’m back with a bang . Tell your friends, sisters mothers and even aunts .Motivated to pick up from where I left. I have so much in store and I wish to welcome you back once again to my blog . I’m available on Instagram too @wanjirukariuki_, twitter @wanjirukariuki and on Facebook @wanjirukariuki.
Featured on the pictures is my ideal office black dress. Black is always my go to color on days when I’m trying to illuminate a powerful, serious vibe. Especially on days I have business meetings or even training presentations .
I’m awed by the peplum detail which accentuates my waist. It also uniquely boosts the dress oomph upgrading it from the usual plain black dress. The length I would say is modest hitting just slightly above the knees. It’s not too snug neither is it too loose, hence if you are looking for a decent number, look no further.
Don’t shy away from throwing on a light weight blazer or sweater if you loath showing too much skin on your arms. I accessorized mine with the burgundy heels and small handbag.

Moments Captured By : Prime Photography

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Styling Palazzo Pants

As a fashion enthusiast, you realize that the 70s and 60s style are having a comeback. In my case if anyone mentions a palazzo pant, I get a vivid picture of a photo I once saw of my grandfather wearing his magnificent afro, wide legged trousers(Belly Bottom) and a pair of heeled shoes(Blocks). Trust me he was that cool guy.
Wanjiru-Kariuki-Palazzo-Pants 7
Also, known as Culottes, these pants hardly go unnoticed as their uniqueness makes them not your common pants. They flow loosely from the waist and get wider downwards, explaining their wide flare. You can actually confuse them with skirts.
Wanjiru-Kariuki-Palazzo-Pants 4
They are comfortable and modest without losing a fun, chic and edgy style. It’s never a challenge styling Palazzos as they seem to seamlessly gel with any kind of top or shoe.
Wanjiru-Kariuki-Palazzo-Pants 8
However, I would highly recommend that you style them with Tops/blouses with a perfect fit. The fact that they loosely fit, fitting tops will complement by cinching your waist. This ensures you don’t look all tacky and bulky. Tops like crop tops, vests or fitting blouses would complement Palazzos perfectly.
Wanjiru-Kariuki-Palazzo-Pants 3
Never shy away from layering your tops with kimonos, sleeveless coats and blazers. Get as creative as possible as long as you maintain polished sophisticated look.
Wanjiru-Kariuki-Palazzo-Pants 5
I love my vibrant floral printed Palazzo pants. I always choose solid coloured tops, or blazers whenever I style them, not to end up looking like a flower bed. I layered the green top with my favourite leather jacket .
I preferred the yellow heels for some elevated look. Sandals however would also cement this look on an easy weekend where comfort is crucial.

Moments captured by Prime photography.

Wanjiru-Kariuki-Palazzo-Pants (2)


Rocking That BabyBump

Having been pregnant before I know the struggles that come with dressing a baby bump. Your body seems to balloon each day. Your clothes no longer fit you. Dressing for work or events becomes depressing, your shoes no longer fit and everything becomes so uncomfortable. Not forgetting the multiplying hormones that make you resent everything.
Embrace Your New Body
What is there to embrace about a growing belly, swollen feet, huge boobs and hips, you ask. Always remember it is not permanent and it’s for a worthy cause. Giving life is not easy, remember there are women crying day and night for babies. Count yourself lucky and embrace the journey plus your new body.
Comfort Over pleasure
Comfort comes first before anything during pregnancy. Remember you are carrying extra 10 or more kilograms of weight. Look for outfits that are comfortable and easy to slip into without struggling. I suggest that you opt for stretchy textured clothes. You need to breath easily and also manoeuvre around with ease.
Functional and Economical
Functional outfits mean that you will not always be shopping for new clothes while an event comes up. Look for apparels that can be worn to work, church and even for dates. You can use cover-ups, blazers to spice up the look using the same outfits. You will save a lot of money if you get functional pieces
Simple outfits always look classy without having to try too much. Go for solid coloured slip-ons or body cons. Overlap dresses also fall in this list because they are easy to wear, simple and you look elegant. For pants, tights and jeggings with long tops always wins. There are maternity pants made for women which have a comfortable band around the waist but I personally did not love them. Just avoid looking tacky at all cost.
Stylish and Trendy
Getting pregnant doesn’t mean you keep your fashion sense aside. I have seen a few women who totally neglected themselves during this period. I don’t judge or blame them but it never hurts to add some effort. Get inspiration from fashion publications e.g. magazines, fashion blogs, Pinterest on how to look fashionable during this period. Remember when you look good you definitely feel confident and great about yourself.
Safety Precaution
It’s important to consider your own safety and that of the baby while pregnant. This applies especially on the shoes you wear. Avoid wearing high heels and ill-fitting shoes at all costs. Any miscalculated step while on heels could lead to an accident. If you have to wear heels probably because of a photoshoot, ensure its a low wedge as you can see on the photos. Feet also tend to swell a lot, you will notice that most women end up wearing larger shoe size to accommodate the swelling. Doll shoes, converse and open shoes are very favourable during this period.

Photography Done by Prime Photography 0719781798

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I am a self-proclaimed pants die hard since I was young. Growing up and transitioning from a little gal to an aduItand adjusting to dresses and skirts has been probably my hardest task till today. I remember wearing a skirt for the very first time during my internship. The discomfort was real and I almost felt naked. Continue Reading



I have been anxiously waiting for the rains to pour like my next meal depended on it. Of course my whole life depends on it but that is not the main reason.
There are some outfits in my closet that have been lying there for so long unattended. Fashion lovers will agree with me that there are those apparels you buy and sit back waiting for the right moment to rock them.
Wanjiru-Kariuki-FurCoat 5
That is my story with this particular fur coat. Am glad that finally I can be spotted wearing it. Not once, twice or thrice but I can promise you of being charged guilty as a repeat offender unapologetically.
Fur Coats remind me of Cookie in the movie series Empire. There is a kind of confidence, boldness, fierceness that they radiate. A look so clean, classic and lavish with just the right kind of arrogance. A no nonsense kind of attitude which makes a woman look like a million bucks and so effortlessly independent.
Wanjiru-Kariuki-FurCoat 2
Fur coats speak for themselves. For instance, I don’t have to mention the warmth this fur coat emits. The cosiness it exudes making you feel comfortable yet protecting you from the overcast weather we have started experiencing. I would highly recommend that you get one so that you can experience exactly what I’m talking about.

LOCATION : The Ngong Hills Hotel
Photography : Eric and Wahito Alama Creatives 0700543510
Fur Coat and Pants : Violet 0726872188

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Give them a Cold Shoulder

Hallo there,
As we give this week a cold shoulder literally, for all the political drama that we experienced. Let’s distract ourselves with something more fashionably interesting. The rains have not decided to pour yet and so we can continue to reserve our warm jackets, trench coats and boots until the Lord says otherwise… Continue Reading