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Hallo darlings, trust your week was terrific. I wish I could say the same but unfortunately not. The last one week everything seemed to move the opposite direction and I learnt a few lessons. You can have your plans laid out perfectly but only Gods’ will prevail. It’s important to always surrender all our plans to him. Without diverting more from the topic let’s get started…. Continue Reading


Color Magic


Hoping your month has kicked off just fine darlings and you had a terrific week. You might have noticed I love bright colors from most of my outfits. Bright colors have a way of adding life just into any outfit. They have a way of enhancing your mood from dull to bright literally. Do you know also wearing colors whether bright neutral or cool can tell you so much about someone’s personality? Yes, now you already know that am a riant person… Continue Reading

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Colored Pants


Hey Darlings,
You will all agree with me that there is something fun and vibrant about colored pants. Be it denim, chino or even office pants. They have a way of elevating any look whether its formal or casual by adding a fresh, exciting twist to your style… Continue Reading

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Today’s topic is slightly personal and different.More of an inspiration. Self-love, self-awareness, self-appreciation, self-confidence. What comes into your mind when you hear these words? How in touch are you with your “self”? These words mean :Regards for one own being and happiness. It’s all about connecting with your “self”….. Continue Reading


Church Fashion Double Flavor.


Hi lovelies, how have you been? Welcome back.
Church Fashion has rapidly evolved over time. Gone are the days when women dressed in a conservative way while going to church. Women are slowly embracing new trends and fashion in the house of God.As long as you steer off outfits that are too tight, very short and those that expose too much skin causing unnecessary attention.. Continue Reading




Having worked in the corporate world for over five years, I can say I have mastered the office dress code quite perfectly. I have worked in companies that are very strict when it comes to dressing and I have also worked in very easy environment. On this post I will be talking about peplum tops and pencil skirts… Continue Reading


Let’s talk about a Shirt Dress


They say that men are color blind but I realized I’m not so good in differentiating some colors especially if we start deviating from the primary and secondary color spectrum. I’m still debating whether this particular apparel is maroon, burgundy, rosewood or even carmine. Let’s settle on burgundy for now…. Continue Reading


Denim with a touch of Cultural flair

DSC_0238 (1)

Before I start talking about my outfit, how artistic and dope is the background for this particular shoot? I love and appreciate art. The Creative Garage in Adams Arcade next to Nairobi women Hospital was the perfect destination to channel a casual street look. The walls are invitingly endowed with hyper-creative, aesthetic and symbolic graffiti. If you love and appreciate art, spare some time every Friday from 5:00 pm and visit the place. You will get a chance to experience the unconventional beauty and also interact (chill) with other artists in different fields.. Continue Reading

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Kill The Gloomy Vibe


What’s with the gloomy weather lately? We are already in the month of August but it seems we will continue experiencing the overcast days for slightly longer. Today I am going to talk about must have essentials that will ensure you kill the dull vibe and still look glam. The whole idea is not to freeze and shine but if you can pull that good for you……. Continue Reading