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Could You Be My Valentine ?

‘Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.’ Robert A.Heinlein
It is beautiful to see two people in love. That aww moment when you are walking in town in the evenings to find two love birds walking happily holding each other’s hand. Soaking in love, and building memorable moments…. Continue Reading

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Hope you have been well my dear friends and avid readers…I miss you so much and I always look forward to sharing with you. Since I discovered the A-LINE style …my life has literally changed. Most of you are familiar with this particular style also commonly known as Skater style. Be it a skirt or even a dress….am overly obsessed with this style…. Continue Reading

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Colored Pants

Hey Darlings,
You will all agree with me that there is something fun and vibrant about colored pants. Be it denim, chino or even office pants. They have a way of elevating any look whether its formal or casual by adding a fresh, exciting twist to your style… Continue Reading

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Today’s topic is slightly personal and different.More of an inspiration. Self-love, self-awareness, self-appreciation, self-confidence. What comes into your mind when you hear these words? How in touch are you with your “self”? These words mean :Regards for one own being and happiness. It’s all about connecting with your “self”….. Continue Reading

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Kill The Gloomy Vibe

What’s with the gloomy weather lately? We are already in the month of August but it seems we will continue experiencing the overcast days for slightly longer. Today I am going to talk about must have essentials that will ensure you kill the dull vibe and still look glam. The whole idea is not to freeze and shine but if you can pull that good for you……. Continue Reading