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    A Polka Dot Affair


    There are trends that never go out of fashion. The polka dot trend is one of those trends that keeps coming back over and over. I can bet a million dollar that in every ladies closet, you cannot lack an item that is polka dot. It could be a dress, shirt/blouse, jumpsuit, or even pants. If you have no polka dot apparel, I hope by the end of this post, I will have inspired you to get at least one item.
    Wanjiru-Kariuki-Jumpsuit 6
    It is a wardrobe staple that requires little to no effort while styling it because it stands out anyway. Depending on the event or occasion, polka dotted apparels can be dressed up or down accordingly .It adds fun and playfulness to any look.
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    You can embrace this trend to work but you have to be careful on how you style it .You don’t want a situation where you look like Minnie mouse at work. A Work polka dot ensemble should be minimal, and probably consider dark solid colors while styling it for a good balance. Alternatively if you feel it’s a strong style to work you can always opt to have accessories that are polka dot. E.g. scarfs, shoes or even a bag.
    DSC_9691 (1)
    On the other hand, it can be paired with bright colored items to add more edge .If you prefer a more chic ensemble, don’t hesitate to pair it with other prints and patterns. E.g., Polka dot top paired with a striped pant.
    I love this polka dot tiered skirt which is actually a high-low. Too much sauce in one piece ahaaa!It’s clear I had church in mind while styling it .I chose an all-black ensemble, paired with a burgundy pair of heels and a nude bag to complete the entire look.
    I feel if I wanted a more casual or dressed down look, I would have paired the skirt with a white T-shirt or crop top, and a pair of sneakers. There are numerous ways of styling this gem. You only need to figure what works for you and your style. That said, I hope to see you color the town with more Polka. Great week ahead.
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