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    Styling Palazzo Pants

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    As a fashion enthusiast, you realize that the 70s and 60s style are having a comeback. In my case if anyone mentions a palazzo pant, I get a vivid picture of a photo I once saw of my grandfather wearing his magnificent afro, wide legged trousers(Belly Bottom) and a pair of heeled shoes(Blocks). Trust me he was that cool guy.
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    Also, known as Culottes, these pants hardly go unnoticed as their uniqueness makes them not your common pants. They flow loosely from the waist and get wider downwards, explaining their wide flare. You can actually confuse them with skirts.
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    They are comfortable and modest without losing a fun, chic and edgy style. It’s never a challenge styling Palazzos as they seem to seamlessly gel with any kind of top or shoe.
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    However, I would highly recommend that you style them with Tops/blouses with a perfect fit. The fact that they loosely fit, fitting tops will complement by cinching your waist. This ensures you don’t look all tacky and bulky. Tops like crop tops, vests or fitting blouses would complement Palazzos perfectly.
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    Never shy away from layering your tops with kimonos, sleeveless coats and blazers. Get as creative as possible as long as you maintain polished sophisticated look.
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    I love my vibrant floral printed Palazzo pants. I always choose solid coloured tops, or blazers whenever I style them, not to end up looking like a flower bed. I layered the green top with my favourite leather jacket .
    I preferred the yellow heels for some elevated look. Sandals however would also cement this look on an easy weekend where comfort is crucial.

    Moments captured by Prime photography.

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