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    Pregnancy Work Wear .


    Pregnancy Series 1
    Hello guys, how is the going . I believe this cold is operating in collaboration with its forefathers because it’s extremely freezing Yooo! I did this photo-shoot while pregnant and I’ve been so indecisive on whether to work on a post on it or not.
    My pregnancy journey was one full of all kinds of moods and emotions. A photo-shoot was the last thing in my mind .Everything I loved or passionate about turned out to be the thing I dreaded most. I resented social gatherings, dressing up, in fact anything that that would have previously set my heart on fire became a burden.
    I remember my friends encouraging me to take this as an opportunity to go for photo-shoots and create content in regards to pregnancy, but I couldn’t put my mind, body and soul to do it. I lost vigor, and enthusiast, in what previously before pregnancy would have seemed so effortless for me.This particular week I was so down,my husband tried to cheer me up and booked the shoot for me. Guys this was the longest day of my life . To cut the story short, I managed the one and only photo-shoot during that period.
    On this ensemble, I wanted to pull a formal look. Stretchy pants or leggings are essential for any pregnant lady. If there is a particular charge for a repeat offender, then I would have pleaded guilty for abusing these white pants .I pulled them out any day. During my doctors’ appointments, a lunch dates with my girlfriends, to work, and even on Sundays to Church.They were so comfortable especially because they are tailored with a thick waist band that allowed room for expansion effortlessly.
    I actually wore them throughout the nine months.
    For my Polka dotted top…..Guys this is actually a shift dress that turned into a top during my pregnancy .I think I should style it soon for you to see what I mean. So actually that’s a hack, come to think about it. Turning oversized dresses into maternity Tops….Ha!
    Vest Coats are my number one go to pieces, pregnant or not. I have previously featured vest coats on past blogs. The beauty about vest coats is that they come in handy as cover-ups too, making you look stylish and edgy while pregnant.
    I found this particular look ideal for work .White color in psychology of colors symbolizes Peace, innocence, purity and it represents a new beginning. It also boasts a sense of sophistication and cleanliness. To me the choice of color was symbolic during that season and also great choice for work too.Let’s wait and see what the next post in this series entails. Blessed week my dear readers . Please keep warm.
    Photography : GlaubenPhotography
    Outfit : Vio’s Closet.

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